Asset Management

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    Preferred Portfolio Services® (PPS) is a premier fee-based asset management investment program. PPS accounts offer me—as your financial advisor—the flexibility to construct portfolios tailored to help meet your long-term investment goals. Each portfolio is individually crafted by weighing various asset classes and by making periodic adjustments, such as rebalancing or reallocating the asset allocation. Through portfolio construction, we can work together to balance your personal goals, time horizons, and risk profile.

    Why Preferred Portfolio Services?
    Investment options abound in the financial services arena. With literally thousands of mutual fund providers, most investors feel bombarded by investment choices and financial jargon. Commission structures, contingent-deferred sales charges, rights of accumulation, an ever-increasing multitude of share classes—these all make the investment process complicated and difficult to understand. PPS is different from other investment vehicles.

    One of its greatest advantages is its simplicity—you pay as you go. When you use PPS, you pay your financial advisor a management fee based on a percentage of the assets you invest.

    In addition, there are other features:

    • You have a variety of fund types from which to choose, including no-load, load-waived A share, and NAV funds.
    • You have virtually unlimited product options, including more than 5,000 mutual funds.
    • Your financial professional has the ability to rebalance your portfolio across different fund families.
    • You can give your advisor discretion without experiencing concern about churning or exposure to continuous commissions.
    • You can transfer existing positions into a fee-based account.
    • You can terminate your relationship at any time—without paying closeout fee-based surrender charges.